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What is Dramatherapy? 什麼是戲劇治療?

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Dramatherapy is part of art psychotherapy working with clients' emotional, behavioural and mental challenges. It utilises creative methods, such as storytelling, movement, music, literature and games to meet clients' needs. Furthermore, it helps increase well-being and manage personal stress and anxiety.


Dramatherapy could be helpful in depression, mental health issues, anxiety, learning difficulties and bereavement. Clients would be able to process some complex and challenging situation, trauma and loss with creative activities.


The methods we would be using depends on the clients, finding what suits you best to explore what is hard to be processed in daily life.


Please rest assure that dramatherapy is not about performing and acting training, so you won't need experience in theatre. It is therapeutic space for you to process, explore and connect to your body and mind, what's more, a chance to find a meaning in life and feel complete.


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